Iranian saffron exports are of interest to many countries. National Geographic Report on Planting and Exporting Saffron in Iran. Iranian saffron is one of the best saffron in the world. Planting saffron in Iran has different ways. Greenhouse cultivation and cultivation of saffron in agricultural land and naturally. Iran is one of the world’s largest saffron producers. Iranian saffron exports to different countries.

Company Diamond Saffron of the World

Diamond Saffron of the World Company Best exporter of 100% natural organic saffron.
Diamond Saffron of the World Company, is the exporter of the best 100% Organic Saffron. We are in Iran – Mashhad – we are in Afghanistan, we have agricultural land and we have killed saffron in Herat.

Our company products:

  • Organic saffron types
  • Saffron flower
  • Saffron onion
  • Saffron drying machine
  • Saffron mill
  • Dishes and boxes of saffron
Iranian saffron exports
Iranian saffron exports

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